The Vineyard

The Vinyard

We have been growing wine since 2007 when the first logs were planted, and today we have about 9000 vines spread over 2.5 hectares. Most of the cultivation consists of four different grapevines; the blue “Rondo” and “Cabarnet Cortis” which we use for our red and rosé wines, as well as the green grapes “Solaris” and “Phönix”, from which we make our white wine, still and sparkling.

In winter, pruning is done according to the classic Guyot method. This means that a new sprout is bent down at each winter pruning to be the basis for the leaf wall that grows up to around two meters in the coming season. In Skåne, we are not spoiled when it comes to the number of hours of sunshine per season and therefore it is important to let the leaf wall grow large to ensure good photosynthesis, and give the grapes the best conditions possible.

The harvest season usually begins at the end of September. We harvest all the grapes by hand and remove any bad grapes before the bunches are placed in buckets. The grapes are then transported from the vinyard to the winery, also located on Flädie Mat & Vingård. There, the grapes are weighed in before the vinification process begins.

We work with an organic cultivation philosophy in the vineyard and spend a lot of time with each individual vine during the course of the season. Many steps, such as clearing weeds around the plants, sprout thinning or tying up, are done by hand, which means that we constantly go through the entire vineyard and can therefore keep a close eye on the plants’ development and control in detail to achieve exceptional quality. We think this attitude is reflected in our wines.

Maybe you get the opportunity to try some of tour wines during your stay with us? If you want to buy our wines, they are available in Systembolaget’s stores in Lund, Malmö, Lödde and Lomma, and in the order assortment all over Sweden.