A weekend at the Vineyard

Enjoy our unique vineyard setting, food prepared with the season’s finest ingredients from Scania’s forests and fields, and a good night’s sleep at our hotel. Explore our wines produced here in Flädie, from grapes grown in the surrounding vineyard!

We offer “The Vineyard Stay” which includes afternoon “fika”, wine tasting with four of our wines (n.b. – the winetasting is held in Swedish), a three course dinner, overnight stay and a lovely breakfast.

Weddings & Parties

At Flädie Mat & Vingård we have many years experience of weddings and parties. We offer an experience that gives you memories for life with lovingly composed menus, well-chosen drinks, personal service with professional staff who take good care of you and your guests in the very best way – all in our beautiful and completely unique vineyard environment.

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Meetings in a unique setting

At Flädie Mat & Vingård we meet in a genuine and calm vineyard setting. The secluded location and our various buildings mean that at a conference with us you can enjoy exclusivity and be alone in your building.

We offer creative conference rooms with views of the vineyard and the surrounding plain. Here we serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee prepared with great care and love from the season’s best Scanian ingredients. Maybe you choose to try some of our wines at a wine tasting led by our experienced sommelier, or to spend the night at the vineyard hotel?

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In the Vineyard

In Flädie we have managed to escape the spring frost for another year and the plants are now starting to stretch out after their long winter rest. The first intense working days of the season has begun – we are now removing unwanted sprouts and leaving behind those who will eventually create this year’s leaf wall and bear fruit in late summer. The weeds are slowly but surely beginning to penetrate the straw that we laid out in the rows last autumn and soon it will be time for a proper clearing with a rotary harrow on a tractor.

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