Our Vineyard

Our Vineyard

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At Flädie Mat & Vingård, we have been producing wine since 2007, when the first grapevines were planted in the vineyard. Today we have around 9000 vines, distributed across 2.5 hectares. Our current focus is upon four varietals, Rondo and Cabernet Cortis for our reds and rosé, and Solaris and Phônix for our whites and sparkling wines.

Viticulture here at Flädie is based upon an organic way of thinking. Weed control is carried out manually or by using simple machines while any necessary spraying against fungus is done using organically approved agents.

We prune side-shoots, clusters and poor grapes and thin foliage over the grapes by hand. We attach great importance to the highest standards of care and expertise in our vineyard work since, at the end of the season, this results in higher quality grapes and, in turn, higher quality wines.

Perhaps you’d like the chance to try some of the vineyard’s own wines during your stay with us?

If you’d like to know more about our viticulture, click here. 

If you wish to purchase our vineyard wines, you can do so through our partner distributor, Winetales.