Our Conference Rooms

We offer creative conference facilities in a secluded environment for small and large groups alike, up to a maximum of 130 people. At the same time you also have access to a number of smaller rooms for group exercises and discussions. The premises are modern both in terms of their furnishings and equipment, with the latest technology including wireless Internet. And we will always do everything we can to meet any special wishes you may have.


Our largest conference room, “Grappa”, looks out over the plains of Lund, and during the summertime the doors swing open to our lush garden. “Grappa” can accommodate up to 130 conference guests.


In “Vineriet”, or “the Winery” as the name translates to in English, you can hold your conference in full view of our wine production, since the room looks right into where the wine ferments in the tanks. There is also the possibility of booking tours and wine tastings in our new production facility in conjunction with your conference. “Vineriet” is a modern conference facility with state-of-the-art equipment that can accommodate up to 80 conference guests.


Calvados is located in the yellow building where you can enjoy complete exclusivity as the only guests in the building, which has its own entrance. From Calvados you are afforded a view out over our lush garden with its apple trees, comfortable seats and pool. Calvados can accommodate up to eight conference guests.


In Armagnac you will find yourself at the very top of the building, just under the ceiling, in an area that was once used as a barn. Here you can hold your conference in peace and quiet, with a view out over our vineyard. There are a number of group rooms adjacent to Armagnac, as well as a lounge and hotel rooms. Armagnac can accommodate up to 26 guests.


The Cognac conference room can accommodate up to 16 guests.