Catering for party and wedding

Catering for party and wedding

If you can’t come to us, then we’re happy to come to you!

We offer catering service for large and small dinner parties. Our catering service stretes across the whole of Skåne and sometimes beyond. Our ambition is always to prepare the food in situ, and we equip a mobile kitchen on the basis of the assignment’s size and character.

We offer one-stop solutions with chefs, waiting staff, glasses, porcelain, linen, tables, chairs and tents in various sizes and shapes, always with the purpose of creating a unique environment.


Birthday, wedding, hunters’ repast, student party or dissertation dinner?

It gives us both pride and pleasure to be attending so many exciting events within the framework of our catering business. We experience christenings, weddings, birthday parties and other ceremonies of a private character as well as larger public events.

Our catering assignments are constantly evolving, and we evolve with them. Every assignment is unique and is planned on that basis!