Combine your conference with an activity! Whatever the season, we offer a large selection of activities to suit all kinds of groups throughout the year.

Cooking with our chefs

Making food with our chefs is an enjoyable element in any conference. Invite colleagues, customers or friends for a fantastic evening, composing a four-dish menu from local ingredients, which we then prepare, serve and enjoy together, accompanied by selected wines from our own vineyard.

The Wines and Philosophy of the Vineyard

Join us on a journey through Flädie Mat & Vingård´s terroir and gain an understanding of the philosophy that is the foundation of our viticulture and production. We taste four different wines from our own vineyard.

Guided tour of the Vineyard and Winery

Book a guided tour of our vineyard and wine production facilities. The tour, which lasts about one hour, features a stroll through the vineyard with discussions concerning growth, weed control, pruning and harvesting. We save the production process itself until we are inside the facility, surrounded by our wines as they gently ferment in both tanks and oak barrels.

Cold bath in the ocean and Sauna

Why let the summer determine the bathing season? At Bjärred Saltsjöbad Kallbadhus & Restaurang, you can bathe the whole year round. Enjoy the sea views across Öresund from the sauna window, then cool off in the sea. The meeting of hot and cold produces a rush of endorphins and makes the visit a thrilling experience for both body and soul. If desired, to round off the day, the conference dinner could be held in the uniquely sited restaurant at the end of the Long Pier.

Teambulding with Samspel

Imagine your own brass band. In just a few hours you can learn to play the clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and trombone. To begin with, it seems impossible but, by the end of the activity, you’ll be able to play We will rock You together. Ensemble is an activity that improves group dynamics, encourages creativity, strengthens self-confidence and, not least, provides a great many laughs!

Murder Mystery

Everyone is under suspicion; one is guilty. Experience an evening of true detective spirit while enjoying a three-course dinner. All participants are given their own character and clues and special tasks that they need to carry out during the dinner. As the evening progresses, ever more gambits such as blackmail, slander and buying and selling are brought into play. You need to obtain as much information as possible in order to identify the murderer.

The activity is suitable for all types of conferences, takes from 1 to 3 hours, and is also available in English. Dinner is a guaranteed success with many a good laugh.


Segway suits all types of groups and offers an opportunity to experience Flädie and its surroundings in a different way.

Triathlon & Penthalon

Compete against each other in Flädie’s own triathlon or pentathlon challenge. Select the from exciting activities such as laser clay-pigeon shooting, the pyramid, giant puzzle, archery, ’skiing’ and the giant maze. One of our most popular activities during the warmer months.


Challenge the creativity inside you and paint with artist Linda Dafnerot. This activity is suitable for smaller conference groups up top 10 persons.

Eat Move Live

Book a team-building activity involving diet, physical activity or coaching to take your conference to new heights. One popular activity during the summer months, for example, is to start conference days with yoga in the vineyard.

Inspirational talks are also available, such as Eat – the conscious shopping basket, Move – An active working day and Live – Your inner motivation, and so on. Contact us for different suggestions.